Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


In version 1.1.23 we added a bunch of new functionality to the Distraction Blocker.
First, we create a new separate settings section for all the Distraction Blocker settings. You can find that in
Settings > Distraction Blocker
In this section, you can enable and disable the Distraction Blocker as well as update which categories the Distraction Blocker will trigger for when in a Focus Session.
We added the ability to have the blocker appear as a custom Rize window or a system notification. The system notification is preferable is you're looking for a less intrusive nudge. It also works well in full-screen mode on macOS.
We also added the ability to set up "urge surfing" for the Distraction Blocker. When the Urge Surfing setting is enabled, you cannot dismiss the Distraction Blocker window for 10 seconds. This only works with the Rize Distraction Blocker and not the system notification.
We just updated the Categories page to make it easier to view and update category settings. You can easily see and toggle which Categories are Focus, which are Work categories, which are exempt from idle detection, and which trigger the distraction blocker when in a Focus Session.
The new section of
Distraction Blocker Enabled
, allows you to manage which categories trigger the distraction blocker separately whether a category is considered a Focus or Non-Focus category.
You can also view these categories in
Settings > General > Distractions
The newest v1.1.8 release includes:
We just released v1.1.5 which includes:
By default, Rize will create a full screen break when you manually start a Break. This feature is to encourage you to take your breaks away from the computer. In the full screen break window, you can close the window, end the break, or disable the setting entirely.
You can also disable this setting in
Settings > General > Full Screen Break Mode
In v1.0.24, we added the option to include the Widget information in the macOS menu bar. To enable this setting, head to
Widget > Show in Menu Bar
when on macOS. This option is not available of Windows.
v1.0.22 includes new features, performance improvements and bugs fixes. The biggest bug fix relates to an issue affecting correctly updating tracking rules when changing distraction categories. They should update immediately now. Your app should automatically update.
The new version also includes a brand new tutorial for new users that walks through how Rize works. This tutorial is only available for new users.
v1.0.19 includes some bug fixes and a few small features. We also updated
Rize > Check for updates
to show when version you're on and whether or not your on the most up to date version.
We added the ability to reset your local config files in
Developer > Reset Local Cache
Don't do that unless your app isn't working since it will delete all your local config and sign you out.
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